How Equine Emergency Vets works for equine veterinary practices

We take over on-call provision from Monday to Thursday overnight and all weekend from Friday evening until Monday morning, for one week in two. 

For the other week, out of hours is covered by the rest of the veterinary team.

Your clients will call the usual number they use out of hours and be diverted to our team. 

All calls will generate a visit unless a client would prefer advice initially, in which case they can talk to a vet free of charge

Vets are located so a primary vet is responsible for your practice, but if they are unavailable a second and third vet will provide back up. We anticipate our vets becoming an integral part of your practice team and getting to know you and your clients well, so clients receive as similar as possible a service to what they are used to from you. 

We will also cover emergency calls coming in just before the phones go through if you wish, allowing your vets to finish their day at a reasonable time. 

You will receive clinical notes and billing information from our vets by office opening time the following morning, plus a telephone call for cases that will require more immediate ongoing care. 

Your practice can then send an invoice to your clients using your normal practice format

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